Essential Oils – What are they?

Well, I’m really glad you asked! Some will argue that essential oils are the missing link in modern medicine (I might agree!). Essential oils (EOs) are the lifeblood of the plant. They consist of over 100 different organic, naturally occurring compounds. These same compounds that are being studied in laboratories and at universities all over the globe as researches continue their quest for new therapeutic compounds that exist in these plants.

EOs are distilled from flowers, shrubs, trees, roots, fruits, bushes, resins, and herbs. These oils, once distilled, are highly concentrated and potent. Think about this, it takes 5,000 pounds of rose petals to produce about 1 kilo of rose oil – that’s roughly 143 petals for one single ounce of rose essential oil, talk about concentrated!!

Essential oils are not your typical oil. When we think oil, we often think olive oil, vegetable oil, or corn oil; those oils we tend to use in our kitchens. These oils are greasy and may actually clog ones pores if used topically. As you probably already know, these oils oxidize and actually become rancid/go bad over time – gross!! Essential oils are not like these oils. EOs are actually have potent antimicrobial properties! How neat!!

How can we use these Essential Oils so we are able to reap their benefits?! Great question!! Check back for another blog post all about how we can use these oils in our daily life!

Happy Oiling!

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