Essential Rewards

Hi there! It’s been a little bit since I’ve been able to jump on here; every now and then time slips away from you and life happens! I’m sure you all can relate. 🙂

Anyway – one of my favorite things to do each month is to take inventory all my Young Living (YL) products and see what we’re running low on and what we need to stock up on. As I was thinking through what I’m going to order this month I realized this is a great time to shed some light on Young Living’s Essential Rewards program with you all. First things first, if you are a Young Living member (yay!) and you are not on Essential Rewards (no bueno!) then you are for sure missing out and should most definitely reconsider this decision! When I first got my YL membership I was not on Essential Rewards (ER). I probably didn’t sign up for ER for at least 3 or so months; I soon realized that it was because I didn’t understand the ER program and how many great benefits you get from it! So, to avoid having any of you misinformed about the ER program I will share it with you all!

  • What is Essential Rewards?
    • Essential Rewards is Young Living’s reward program.
    • You place a monthly minimum order of 50 PV (product value – most items’ product values are typically equivalent to their dollar value but not all)
    • You earn a percentage of the PV back in your pocket! On every ER monthly order placed, you earn money back for future purchases – I mean come on, how great is this?! 
      • Months 1-3: 10% of PV
      • Months 4-24: 20% of PV
      • Months 25+: 25% of PV
    • You earn special gifts at milestone months: 3, 6, 9 and 12 months.
    • Enrolling in ER allows you to be eligible for the ER bonus monthly promotions. Each month YL will announce it’s promotion for the month. For example, September’s promotion is surrounding overall wellness.
      • 100 PV: 5ml Oregano Vitality Oil (Total Retail Value: $15.46)
      • 190 PV: 5ml Oregano Vitality Oil PLUS 5ml Thieves Vitality Oil and 5ml Peace & Calming Oil (Total Retail Value: $80.26)
      • 250 PV: 5ml Oregano Vitality Oil, 5ml Thieves Vitality oil, 5ml Peace & Calming Oil PLUS Inner Defense Supplement (Total Retail Value: $115.46)
      • 300 PV: 5ml Oregano Vitality Oil, 5ml Thieves Vitality oil, 5ml Peace & Calming Oil, and Inner Defense Supplement PLUS 15ml Cool Azul (Total Retail Value: $213.82)
      • To put this into perspective if you spent 300 in PV on your first ER order in addition to your order, you’ll receive $213.82 worth of free products as well as $30.00 back into your Rewards Points to be used towards future purchases!

Now you may be thinking at this point, I don’t want to spend that much on oils each month – well guess what, you don’t have to! If you just spend the minimum 50 PV each month, you’re still going to earn your percentage back on every order and it adds up fast! Even in just 2 ER orders, you’ll have enough reward points to purchase almost any one of the vitality oils! In addition to this, you are also able to opt out of the ER at any time by giving YL’s member service a quick call; no pressure no problem!

The best part is that to place a 50 PV order each month is typically no problem, if you slowly implement the ditch and switch method for all the toxic and chemical based products in your house you’ll naturally be able to maintain your ER order each month. Not only that, ER makes it super easy and affordable to slowly incorporate chemical free EO based products into your house.

Now my favorite part of ER (as if the above perks aren’t enough), Essential Rewards has allowed me to try new products each month. I always try to place a brand new oil or oil infused product on my ER order each month! If you guys have any questions at all about Essential Rewards or oils in general, please feel free to shoot me a message! 🙂

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