Need Oils? Here’s Your Answer!

Curious how to jump on in and get to ordering your very own oils? It’s super easy!

Ready to get started? Click the link here: I’m ready!

There are two options for you to choose how you would like to receive your oils: a member or a retail customer. Either option is fine with me! I’m just happy you’re getting started with essential oils.

  1. Joining Young Living as a Member will grant you access to an entire community of like minded essential oil fanatics that are more than willing to share knowledge, diffuser blends, and day to day uses of essential oils; you’ll be eligible to get your very own Premium Starter Kit for $160 – that’s 11 EOs, a diffuser, a slew of samples, and some EO literature, all for just $160!! The best part: you’ll receive 24% wholesale discount for the entire year! What’s not to love there?! Wait, it gets better – if you spend $50 worth of product value in each year after, you’ll continue to maintain the wholesale discount! $50 in a calendar year, that’s all it takes! If you’re anything like me…it’s not an issue. I’ve swapped the majority of my day to day products out for chemical free, essential oil infused options from Young Living.
  2. Joining Young Living as a Retail Customer you’ll be able to purchase any Young Living essential oil or essential oil infused product at retail price. As if essential oils weren’t great enough – there’s chemical free makeup along with many other essential oil infused products! The possibilities are endless when it comes to choosing the perfect product to purchase.

Regardless of your decision on how to get started utilizing essential oils and chemical free products, please note my member ID upon signing up! This will allow for me to best assist you on your journey to become essentially aligned; whether you have questions, concerns, or just want to chat! My member ID is: 3814540.

Now that you’ve read through this information, and realized it’s an absolute no brainer to become a Young Living member and receive 24% off every oil and product you purchase, I can’t wait for you to find a little more balance and wellness in your life with the help of essential oils! Please, please, do not hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions at all – I’m more than happy to help!